The Lisette Makes Story

Ever stuck for a gift to get your friend’s baby?

Well, in the last year, so many friends of mine have had babies! I love perusing the store for gorgeously cute baby clothes, but I decided I wanted to give them something handmade, something special and unique, that could last years.

I recently made my own daughter a colourful bunting for her bedroom, and had the idea of making personalised bunting for the new babies.

As the babies arrived, I made bunting after bunting, experimenting with shapes and colours. I love making them- there is something special about creating a unique, handmade gift to give to someone.

I was really touched and encouraged by the response from the new mamas- some even suggested I sell my personalised bunting on Etsy and, here I am!

I love creating gifts for friends and family, and now I enjoy helping to share the joy of giving someone a thoughtful, handmade, personal gift.



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